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Join the best detective duo

Partners In Justice is the game where you

    • Get together with a friend or partner in this incredible coop detective game!
    • Communicate and cooperate with your partner: this is the only way to solve the case
    • Each player will have a different gaming experience based on the character chosen
    • Interrogate the suspects, investigate and gather clues, make deductions
    • Do not require an internet connection, but just the possibility to talk each other!
    • Can be played on PC and Smartphone

Latest reviews from the players

  • It's a very well done detective game. Very addicting puzzles that make you put to the test. Simple and effective.
    — Alessandra
  • An awesome, ORIGINAL detective game. Cooperate with a friend is funny and after a few minutes the game brings you into the world of Mark and Lara and you can't wait to discover new clues and solve the case!
    — Erik
  • Loved the protagonists, Mark & Lara. They're very well written and the graphic is nice and playful. Good job
    — Sara
  • A nice game to play as a couple, for those who are not afraid to take some time thinking, reasoning and dealing with a partner.
    — Elisa
  • The strength of this game is that you play with a friend. You have to work together to get to the end: this makes it stand out from others detective games. It's a game that should not be left halfway...
    — Marco
  • A nice investigation game with a very cool plot
    — Andrea

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