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Fact Sheet


Mark & Lara: Partners in Justice is a detective co-op adventure game for two players. The game must be played in two different devices, but it doesn’t need an internet connection in order to work, just the possibility to speak with the other player (live or via voice chat). The players will get in the shoes of New York’s most extravagant detective duo: Mark and Lara. The players will question the suspects and search for clues through different scenes and documents, but the player will have to communicate with each other carefully and share what they’ve discovered. Only with great cooperation and deduction skill the players will eventually solve the case!


  • Get together with a friend or partner in this incredible detective adventure!
  • Communicate and cooperate with your partner: this is the only way to solve the mysterious cases.
  • Each player will have a different gaming experience based on their chosen character.
  • Interrogate the suspects, gather clues, make deductions, find out the truth.
  • Take the role of Mark and Lara, New York City most extravagant detectives!
  • Immerse yourself in wonderful unique digital paintings accompanied by an astonishingly evocative original soundtrack.
  • Do not require an internet connection, but just the possibility to talk each other!
  • Play on your PC or smartphone.

Review Guidelines

We created this section to make as easy as possible to make a review of Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice. Here you can find a detailed overview of the main mechanics of the game.

We like to describe Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice as the the first coop detective game. We wanted to put the players’ communication at the core of the gameplay so that they can share an experience together. We think that the fun of the game resides in the communication process and cooperative problem solving of the players.

The mechanic of deductions is something we are particularly proud of. We wanted to provide the most realistic experience for the players and reproduce the investigation process of the police. Each of the players will have to interrogate a suspect and listen carefully to his testimony, then confront his partner and find any contradictions. This can be done by indicating the line number of the deposition of both suspects.

The computer search, like the deduction mechanic, are intended to make the game as free as possible from unintentional hints. Every achievement and deduction that players will make is totally dictated by their meticulousness and communication skills.


Deep Monolith is an indie game development team based in Italy, created in 2019. After some years spent developing videogames in the industry as professionals, the founders, Federico Gallucci and Federico Distefano, decided to put togheter their efforts and form the team. We believe the world need to see what we have to show!

Our goal is to bring new & innovative ways to play games by mixing different ideas together, even when they are not related to the videogames industry! We focus on telling stories and create new ways to enjoy them.
Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice is our maiden project and reflect all these aspects: a compelling plot, weird characters and a creative gameplay to let the players enjoy this experience.

To see more about the team visit our website at www.deepmonolith.com

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